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.Sweetly Book Review.

Sweetly - Jackson Pearce

You've no idea how good it feels to be blogging once again!! With the stress of moving, mostly, behind me I can finally get my hands on a laptop and share with you guys once more. The next in our Fairytale retellings by Jackson Pearce is Sweetly based on Hansel and Gretel. This book is set in the same world as Sisters Red, although there are links to the previous books, character and supernatural element you don't have to have read the first instalment. But for those who have the little easter eggs are quite nice as it's not made obvious how the characters link, you just realise. Making a nice touch.


Our story begins, like with the previous book, with the event that shapes their lives. In Ansel and Gretchen's case whilst out playing in the woods as young children their youngest sister is taken from them by the witch. Years later no one believes there was something in that woods chasing them down. Left guilt ridden and scarred of what lies beyond Gretchen and Ansel leave in the hope to make a new start, leaving the terrifying woods behind.


As the older brother Ansel is very protective of his sister, and tries to encourage her to push the fear of the woods away, to embrace the new start, but for Gretchen this is easier said than done. The woods causes her to shut down, and the biggest question haunting her is why her and not me?? Most importantly, is it still out there waiting?? This book gives the impression that the siblings are still mourning in a way, whilst growing up they didn't talk about the sister they lost, like she never existed, so even when their older and standing on their own two feet Gretchen still finds it hard to talk about her, in fact they don't even say her name.


What I love the most about Gretchen is her strength, although not physically strong like Rosie and Scarlett in Sisters Red, Gretchen is determined to face her demons. Especially when her and her brother end up living slap bang in the middle of the woods. There's no escape of the claustrophobic forest around her. Once presented with an opportunity Gretchen takes it, she's determined to find out what out's there and how to defend herself.


There is so much more I want to discuss but I don't want to give away too much, this story is so cleverly retold and leaves you with so many questions both you and Gretchen are dying to have answered. In comparison to the previous book this is more of a slow burner, because the sisters were hunters it meant there was always a fight scene round the corner, whereas this story is built with questions, always more questions.


I really loved this book, it was so good!! I am glad this was told in a different way, I loved that were was constantly another question, you wondered if Gretchen would ever find it all out. As much as I love a fast paced book full of action it's nice to see that an author can pull you in a completely different direction. As always I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, don't forget you can share the love by liking this post and following if you'd like. Until next time.