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Here you leave today and enter the world
Of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. 

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I was tagged on Instagram to do the #tellmeaboutyourself tag, I was tagged ages ago but completely forgot to share it with you guys here!! So let's get to it.


▪️Favourite animal: otters or hedgehogs

▪️Celebrity crush: we could be here a while...

▪️Favourite city: I haven't explored enough, can we pretend Disney is a city?? If not Prague.

▪️Favourite TV show: yikes!! I can watch cartoons and British 90s comedies forever.

▪️Country you wish to visit: I'd love somewhere hot next, Hawaii or the Caribbean.

▪️Era you wished you lived In: can I just say, the 80s looked all kinds of fun.


I love doing these so feel free to tag me in any you'd like to see me fail at answering.