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Here you leave today and enter the world
Of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. 

Heir of Fire  - Sarah J. Maas


In short, I thoroughly enjoyed this book however my biggest obstacle once again was Celaena. I feel like her attitude and behaviour came across once again as childish and I found myself sat there once again thinking when are you going to grow up?? She has a job to do and answers to get and that's only going to happen if she plays the game, something I would have thought by now she'd be good at.
Structurally this book was a little odd, I love the multiple view points but what I found odd was that for most of the first half Celaena is hardly present then reappears more in the back half. A massive pro for this book and one of the biggest reasons I loved it so much was the introduction of Manon the Witch. She was utterly wonderful and it feels very much like it's her book for the first half but then kinda disappears towards the end.
It's great to finally see pairings you wouldn't expect and finally get to explore other places and people, like the Fae and the Witches. Getting to have multiple plots from multiple characters is a great driving force for this book as you're trying to piece together what the King is really doing, made so much more frustrating as you never get a chapter from his perspective.
As always I wasn't let down by the end, and was sat there experiencing so many emotions as I try to get my head round what the hell actually went down.
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