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Here you leave today and enter the world
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The Wicked Deep - Shea Ernshaw
“Love is an enchantress—devious and wild. It sneaks up behind you, soft and gentle and quiet, just before it slits your throat.”
While this story didn't have anything in the way of twists and turns the author created a magical realness to the town. This book isn't your traditional witchy 'magic' book, there is an element where a natural magic exists, were there is clearly something in the town of Sparrow.
So the premise, 200yrs ago the townsfolk murdered and drowned three sisters for being witches...cut to the present day the Swan sisters come back every year to inhabit young girls so they can take their revenge by luring boys to the water. The book takes place in the lead up to Swan season, we see how the locals and teenagers prepare before their small town becomes a tourist trap and the inevitable happens.
We follow Penny as she tries to endure another year of suspicion and death, and that's what worked so well for this story, every girl is a suspect and the local teens are willing to take things into their own hands. You so much as look at a boy in the wrong way and you're guilty.
The thing I loved most about this book is the way the story is told, between past and present. From when the sisters are drowned, when they arrive and whilst living under the jealous and watchful eyes of the locals.
Whilst it may not blow your socks off it's a good read, great for autumn or spring which is weird considering the story takes place during summer.
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