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Here you leave today and enter the world
Of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. 

Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas
Never have I been through such an emotional ride, the last part of this book really had me wanting to shout and jump up and down. This book was made up of three stories, the rescue attempt of Aedion, the final at last moment of the confrontation with the King of Assassins and then the showdown at the castle with the King and Dorian.
I've said it a lot, reading the novellas will give you so much background to Celaena and what's she's been through. It's been hinted at a lot but never really talked about, in this book and the last it's much more heavily mentioned, so if you haven't read already do it now.
As well as feeling like a book of three parts, character ARC wise it felt like a duology, at first it felt like characters like Celaena, or Aelin as she's now become her true self, Manon and Chaol are all taking a backward step in how I thought their journey would progress. But it does change and a lot and I enjoyed the outcome.
The scope of these books has changed dramatically and it really feels like a real fantasy book, especially with so many characters and plots linking and coming together. So far this series hasn't let me down emotionally, its structure got a little iffy in the last book and at times it feels like Celaena/Aelin is always taking a backwards step in terms of general bratty behaviour and attitude. But one thing is certain, it never fails to redeem itself by the end.
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