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As much as I love summer, I have been counting down the days till I can crack out my favourite jumper. 


Day 3:

Sweater weather #bookishspookshelf

Green witch (nature on the cover) #witchyreadsoctober


Haven't don't one of these tags in SO long!! So thank you @bookshelf.to.neverland for tagging me in #spellthedayinbooks





(N)ight circus

(E)ternal dawn



(A)s old as time

(Y)oung elites


I managed to complete this with books actually on my bookshelf, all expect for Y


The Smoke Thieves - Sally Green Eternal Dawn - Rebecca Maizel Wonder Woman: Warbringer - Leigh Bardugo

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Reading progress update: I've read 315 out of 384 pages.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer - Leigh Bardugo

Holy. Shit. 


Like the previous series, Half Bad, The Smoke Thieves is still an adult themed book. Although Half Bad was adult on a different level, more emotional and physical...to this day I still can't get over that torture scene.
It was nice to have a book from so many multiple points of view, and from both sexes. We have Catherine a Princess, Tash a hunter, Ambrose the soldier, March the traitor and Edyon the thief. Some of characters cross paths early in the book and some don't meet till much later on.
For most of this story it definitely feels like there are multiple plots, I found this worked. Instead of them all involved in the same obvious main plot in different ways, there are separate plots which, somehow, eventually will come together. I prefer this type of story telling, trying to figure how it will all piece together.
This is a strong first book and will be interesting to see where it goes next, if you haven't read this or Greens other series I would really recommend you pick them up.


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Illustrated books are a weakness of mine, especially when I see Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell collaborate. 

Without meaning to I fee like this post is giving off a very autumn vibe, it may have something to do with the massive pumpkin and fox sitting in the woods...

Day 21:

Open books #iamsweetseptember

Q: What's your favourite illustrated book??

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