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Wonderstruck Book Review

Wonderstruck - Brian Selznick


“We are all cabinets of wonders.”


I cannot put into words what a work of art this book is. This story is told in two halves, Ben in words and Rose in illustrations. Both stories are told at the same time, with both children going on a similar journey at the same time which defiantly helps with the flow and marries the two together.


Bens story begins in Minnesota in June 1977, he's currently living with his aunt and uncle after the death of his mum. One night he finally goes back to his home and finds a bookmark in his mothers things. Ben decides it's time to find his dad, and heads to New York.


Rose starts off in New Jersey in October 1927, she's unhappy and alone as her she is kept inside because she is deaf. Her only visitor is her tutor. Like Ben, Rose sets off to New York to find actress Lillian Mayhew who she's watched in silent movies and is now performing on the stage.


This book and its story is beautiful, it may be for children but it hit me on such an emotional level. The emotions conveyed in the illustrations were unbelievable.


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