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And fantasy. 

.Inferno Book Review.

Inferno - Dan Brown

Dan Brown is forever going to be a guilty pleasure of mine, when he goes into detail about art, history and all that other stuff I love it. I love knowing about it.

I intend to keep this short and sweet. I really enjoyed this book. Instead of the usual opening Robert wakes up in hospital with no idea how he got there or what the heck is going on. This simple change of format made it so enjoyable to me, he has to rediscover everything and why he would agree to something so awful.

What I love best is that you can't trust anyone in this book, I was constantly second guessing myself and whether or not the person could be trusted. Brown easily led me to make the assumption about a character only to be completely wrong.

This book definitely had me question my morals slightly, with the heavy subject of the worlds ever growing population as the topic in question you find yourself thinking what would you do, what would be the right thing to do and whether or not you agree.
But aside from the rather depressing subject matter this is you're typical Langdon yarn but without the usual conspiracy ideas, regrading religion or secret societies. Which I enjoyed. Once again Brown hand me hook, line and sinker.
Happy reading.