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.Torment Book Review.

Torment - Lauren Kate

I hoped for so much with this book and got rather little in return. Luce is still rather lukewarm personality wise, there's nothing to her, one minute she's pining over Daniel the next she's raging because he's still keeping secrets. And Daniels just as broody as ever. Speaking of, for someone who is hardly in this book he has to be more annoying than Luce. He is so self absorbed, be of use to the poor stupid girl.

Thanks to the first book I felt rather on guard whenever anyone new was introduced and didn't trust anyone in case they turned on her, which I suppose is a good thing, it kept me guessing about everyone. But there wasn't any real sense of danger, Daniels put her into hiding to protect her but it doesn't feel like there's anything to be scared off. A few incidents happen but it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

The book is quite slow paced, with anything of interest taking place every so often, then suddenly everything is happening at the end.

But let's look at the positives. There have been some interesting points to this book, Cam's return and calling a truce with Daniel put Luce's back up with him telling her that good and evil aren't as clear cut as she thinks, especially as he keeps popping up and getting her out of trouble. Luce using the announcers to glimpse her previous lives and actually going to see her previous families, no matter how traumatising that may be for them. I think that has to be the most interesting bit of the book. You don't really realise she has previous families till it's right in front of you. The addition of Miles makes for a so called interesting love triangle, I use the term loosely, Miles makes Luce consider a life without Daniel and being herself with someone else.
By the end Luce is high tailing it and is running as fast as she can in the opposite direction to Daniel, in what I hope to be a bid for independence and a third book where Luce grows a pair and something interesting happens more often. Fingers crossed it'll have a rocket jammed up its arse.
Happy reading.