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.Shadow Kiss Book Review.

Shadow Kiss  - Richelle Mead

So once again my on going battle with Rose continues. Just when I think she's taken a step in the right direction it's back to the start all over again.
Guilt ridden Rose I could deal with, she handles her 'fame' after killing her first Strigoi well, she realises it's not about bragging rights. Her guilt over Mason is a massive part of the plot, and when he starts to pop up she feels even worse. So what is my problem you may ask. Once again Rose throws a massive temper tantrum like she always does.

I enjoyed reading about how the guardians in waiting train and prepare, and what their exams entailed. So when Rose is paired to protect Christian not Lissa for their exam she loses it big time. I could have dealt with it if she had spoken to her teachers, I wouldn't have cared if she'd lost her rag a bit. But it's the fact she throws a massive hissy fit in front of everyone. She makes it seem like their trying say she won't be protecting Lissa when she leaves. It is only later she realises the point of it, she has a huge advantage being shadow kissed with Lissa, she knows everything, but by pairing her with Christian she learns what it's like to be every other guardian. 

I also loved that the issue from the previous book was being continued, Moroi wanting to fight for themselves, meaning Lissa being called before the Queen to discuss the matter, as well as her future. Not only that, Victors trail is about to take place and without an invite Lissa and Rose have to fight to get themselves there. Think that's all, think again. The Strigoi are finally making the move, the book ends in all out chaos with teacher, guardians and students defending the academy and going on a rescue mission. 
I really enjoyed this book, but Rose's annoying behaviour made it hard to read at times. But as much as she annoyed me at points I was glad she finally started to research her shadow kissed bond with Lissa and what it truly means for her. Speaking of her and Lissa Rose ends having to go the therapy towards the end to talk about the trauma she's being keeping buried. Of course, Mason isn't the only topic of conversation with her therapist asking Rose to challenge her way of thinking by getting Rose to think about putting herself first and relationship with Lissa. Once the dust begins to settle after the attack Rose makes a huge decision and puts herself first by leaving, which results in Rose and Lissa coming to blows and Rose finally telling her how it is, and how after putting her life at risk over and over for Lissa she finally needs to do something for herself. I felt proud of her, as hurtful as it came across it is true. The guardians aren't exactly brainwashed into their decisions but they have few options when it comes to their life choices.
I can't wait to see Rose on her own, however I do sense she will be rather guilt ridden seeing as she won't be able to get rid of Lissa. I think reading the two of them apart will be so interesting, Lissa going to college and working with the Queen. Plus who's going to be her new guardian??
Happy reading.