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.Fire Book Review.

Fire  - Kristin Cashore

 After reading Graceling I couldn't wait to start reading Fire. It wasn't as good which was a slight let down but still enjoyable. Also it doesn't matter if you haven't read Graceling as it takes part in another part of the kingdom, however a familiar face does open the book. For anyone who hasn't read Graceling it's an interesting opener to those who have it explains something, an added bonus. Although this book is set before Graceling, it's not a prequel as its completely different characters and kingdom.


I really felt for Fire, isn't of Gracelings these kingdoms have monsters, to put it simply you could have a normal cat and then a monster cat with crimson fur and blue spots. Fire has extraordinary beauty and hair the colour of red, pink, orange, and fuchsia, because of this people either want to kill her or do anything for her. Being a monster also means she can get into peoples heads, another reason why she is hated.


Fire spends her life living in her fathers shadow of how he influenced the then King, not to mention his cruelty. Reading Fire's own personal development is quite beautiful in a way, she battles with her own demons when it comes to her father and her strange relationship with him, that she is determined to prove herself more than what people think she is. She also learns to use her powers to help other when it comes to the war, at first she is reluctant to get into peoples heads to get them to tell them information.


Another interesting aspect is her relationships with people, because of the danger of travelling with soldiers and being in such proximity she has to learn to live with having a personal guard who have to follow her everywhere, not only this but the royal family who goes to stay with and help are the family that her father was once involved with and everyone has their own feelings when it comes to Fire.


This is a much slower book by comparison, in Graceling Katsa is constantly travelling whereas Fire does travel to begin the rest of the book is spend in the dells preparing for the war, working on strategy, gaining information from prisoners and general character development, slowly building to the war to come.
All in all it was a good read, I was expecting it to be about Graced people so it was a welcome surprise that instead there were monsters plus the exploration of the other half of the kingdom. For the third book we'll be back in Monsea as it's about Princess Bitterblue from the first book, part of me hopes that The Dells is included as well, it would seem fitting that the final book would include all the Kingdoms.
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