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.Fallen Book Review.

Fallen - Lauren Kate

A good first book. This has been sat on my self for years and on my book list even longer, my lovely ex bought me the rest and it has taken me this long to start them.
So start as we mean to go on. Luce. I want to like her, she is likeable enough, being sent away from home to school for basically kids who need some help and not the medical kind makes me intrigued about her. Her parents are obviously at their limit and don't know what to do so this seems like the right thing to do. From the get go we're fed little tid bits about what happened and why it meant her being sent away.
But it is kinda downhill from then, she's fine when she's attempting to make friends and be social but it is the obsessive stalking nature towards Daniel that gives me all to vile flashbacks to Twilight. -Shudders-

Given the opportunity this could have been handled far better. If you wanna obsess over one of your fellow students and find out more about them then go ahead be my guest, I'm all for curiosity but it was the way it was handled, there was no proper explanation as to who she felt the need.

At the opening to the book was an encounter in their past lives, however by biggest wish was more exerts like this spread throughout the book, even if it wasn't a continuation from the one at the beginning it, to the reader it would give little nuggets of information Luce is yet to discover but would explain slightly better her need to find out more information about Daniel.
I still don't really have an opinion on Daniel yet, I think that's why I wish she had added scenes of their past life, the only Daniel we get to see is either caring or pushing her away. I assumed Cam's nature as he seemed a bit too good, I also guessed the teacher as I reminded me of the book Hush Hush for some reason.
As the for the story itself there's promise, I like that Luce can't find out everything at once, she has to learn for herself which I like, it meant everything wasn't rushed at the end for the big reveal. This books likes to keep secrets, the shadows, Daniels history, her own past and what is to come. For me I think the one redeeming factor about Luce is that when she did find out part of the truth she actually reacted like a normal person. I genuinely thought she would believe him straight off but to her credit she does walk away from him.
All in all it's an okay book her being sent to the Sword and Cross was a surprise I wasn't aware of, it made for a completely different setting for a book I'm not used to and I liked it. Here's hoping book 2 shares some of its secrets.
Happy reading.