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Here you leave today and enter the world
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.Passion Book Review.

Passion  - Lauren Kate

No one can say I haven't suffered whilst reading these books, but my will has been strong and I've powered through the next instalment. To my surprise things actually happen in this book!! Throughout the course of this series all I have wanted is for Luce to grow a pair, and she finally does!! Hooray!! She opens up and announcer and travels through her past lives. And this is where it the good ends.


I was under the impression that you could go through an announcer and witness the past, but apparently not, it is literally time travel at its most basic. And what does Luce do as only Luce can?? Blunder her way through whilst Daniel chases after fixing her mistakes. The best example of this is when past Luce is a Nurse during a war and this is where she meets Daniel. Instead present day Luce pretends to be a Nurse so she can meet past Daniel, and in doing this it means that past Luce doesn't meet Daniel properly but still falls for him. Past Daniel realises who she is and leaves the hospital early. So when present day Daniel follows her to that time he has to tell past Luce to meet him in a certain place so the timeline is fixed. This did make me think that maybe Luce was meant to travel through in order for the events to happen, I only began to think this when Daniel has slight memories of talking to another version  of himself.


This is the problem with time travel. Unless you are fully committed to explaining things, it can get a little tricky.The only upside to this being told from both their point of views is that at a certain point Daniel stops following her trail and we begin to see other past lives where Luce hasn't been and we experience it through his eyes. This I appreciated as I was concerned it was going to be Daniel turning up just a bit too late and we don't get something new. The other plus side is this is how we learn more about the other Angels and what went on.


Now don't get me wrong, I am no fan of Daniel but in this my thoughts on him change. Luce is so self absorbed in how it must have been for her past selves to fall in love and then die, it is like she has no understanding of what Daniel goes through!! And to me that should be the most obvious thing in the world. Luce only has to go through it once, she doesn't get the memories of it, but Daniel has to go through the heartbreak of meeting her over and over again, falling in love knowing that at any minute he'll lose it all over again. He even tries to change his approach with her so that she lives longer. I find it utterly bewildering that she can be that blind to his pain.


As usual this book is filled with Luce droning on and on about herself and her feelings and wanting answers, followed by how much she loves him and their sacrifice and so on and so forth. I found the end was rather rushed, one minute we are at the furthest point there is, Daniels choice and then suddenly we're home. Although it explain what happened with the fall and the whole heaven and hell thing, it still failed to explain who Luce is and how they met. I'm assuming the answers will come in the final book.


Overall this has been the best out of the series so far, but I feel it's too late for Luce to be able to redeem herself character wise and I'm just going to have to grit my teeth and bare it.

Happy reading.