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.The Bad Beginning Book Review.

The Bad Beginning - Lemony Snicket
I felt it was time to take a trip down memory land and to read something I hadn't read in a long time. And this series is the perfect one. Within the first few pages I remembered why I enjoyed them so much. With such a grim subject matter Snicket handles it brilliantly, witty and smart this book doesn't talk down to the reader. It teaches younger readers words they may not know, phrases they may of heard before but not understand.
We start as we mean to go on, with a bleak outlook, things are only going to get worse. Count Olaf has to be on the best villains created, theatrical, over the top, smart and utterly vile. Here is a man who will do whatever he can to get his hands on the Baudelaire fortune, and decides to do it by putting on a show. Aided by his troupe of strange and just as dangerous friends the stage is set for the one off performance.
I remember thinking when I was younger how good these books were because there was no happily ever after, although in the end the Bauelaires foil his plan there was no happily ever after, they were still where they were before. Orphaned.
 The three children themselves have unique qualities and strengths and I loved that Klaus was the reader and Violet was the inventor. It's so easy for gender stereotypes to happen and for young girls reading this book they would want to be like Violet too. It's such a small thing yet so important.
This book is presented as fact, Snicket has been tracking after the Baudelaires and making a record of everything that has happened to them leaving his manuscripts at designated points for his editor to find. Accompanied by the amazing illustrations by Brett Helquist this book is a great read for adults and youngsters.
Happy reading.