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.The Wide Window Book Review.

The Wide Window. Lemony Snicket - Lemony Snicket

Throughout this whole book all I could picture was Meryl Streep. Once again the siblings are sent to another guardian, and unfortunately for them this one isn't like Monty. Aunt Josephine is quite literally terrified of everything, she doesn't cook in case the stove explodes, she never touches the door handles in case they shatter into a million pieces, the doormat might trip you causing you to break your neck and don't get me started on the realtors. It amazes me this woman somehow found someone to marry her, the vicar could have sneezed causing the windows to shatter inwards blinding everyone.

I feel that after her husband Ikes death she became 100x worse, becoming a complete shut and never using the phone unless it's an emergency.
 But all is not totally lost, there is one thing Aunt Josephine isn't scared of. Grammar. When she's not on the edge of a nervous breakdown Aunt Josephine loves nothing more than correcting the Baudelaires. This is about as good as it gets for the poor children, they try to look on the bright side of the situation but it's short lived as right on queue Count Olaf makes his dramatic return.
This time he is Captain Sham, complete with a peg leg, and once again another guardian meets their untimely death at his hands. I feel like I should start keeping a tally of how many people kick the bucket. This book doesn't waste time with the Baudelaires being scared of Olaf and waiting for him to unveil his plan. The Wide Window ticks along very nicely.
Once again the children have to take things into their own hands as Mr Poe once more proves his usefulness. If you haven't seen the film, watch out for the Lachrymose Leeches.
Happy reading.