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.The Austere Academy Book Review.

The Austere Academy - Lemony Snicket

The next port of call is Prufrock Preparatory School with its wonderful motto "Memento Mori". Remember you will Die.

For me this is definitely the turning point of the books, we meet triplets Isadora and Duncan Quagmire, who tragically lost their brother Quigley and parents in a fire. Sound familiar? Not only that but they are heir to fortune of their own. This is where the true plot starts to come together, although nothing really happens we are fed small things, like Quagmires and V.F.D. These three letters will become the most important part to the series.
The Quagmires are just like the Baudelaires, their smart and resourceful and after a short time of knowing them are willing to put themselves in danger to help them. In true story telling fashion the Quagmires discover something important about Count Olaf and the fire that changed their lives but never get to share it with them. In this book Olaf disguises himself as P.E teacher and gets the three siblings to run countless number of laps as part of his S.O.R.E programme. And that's all he does, he doesn't try and kidnap them in the dark of the night when he's got them alone, just run circles.
As usual you have your standard collection of characters: self absorbed Vice Principle Nero who makes up some absurd rules, teachers Mrs Bass and Mr Remona who have no business teaching and vile Carmelita Sprats. Isadora and Duncan feel like a breath of fresh air, someone the children can actually trust and talk to. Someone who believes them when they say Olaf had found them and is up to no good.
This book definitely gives off the vibe of bigger things to come.
Happy reading.