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.Tiger Lily Book Review.

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson

I wanted to love this book so much more than I did, I was really excited about this reading this and I think I got my hopes up slightly. I think I was expecting so much more.

Anderson is a genius, instead of just taking what we know and making a book about Tiger lily and Neverland she has really put her own stamp on things, she has made it her own. The characters are older than in the original which I really liked. Anderson has her details down, the fact that Neverland is real and the tribes views when it comes to the Englanders and the 'aging disease' that they carry. Tiger Lily is badass, there is no argument there, the villagers know it but they have this silent respect for her, and I don't it's all down to her being the Tik Toks, the chief, daughter.
Tiger Lily is very guarded and almost doesn't want herself to have fun and enjoy others company, and I think this is where I felt let down. When she meets Peter he and the boys are so excited by her, Peter wants to play and show-off in true Peter Pan fashion but most importantly he wants her to share in his life. But Tiger Lily is so guarded that she doesn't really join in with them, she's more of a silent observer, watching from the side-lines and joining in in her own way. It's understandable to begin with, it's her nature but I hoped that as the story went on we'd see the real her, we'd see her come to life a bit more, but that never really happened.
Family and loyalty are quite a big part of this book, the more time she spends away from the Tribe we begin to see the consequences of her actions. When the Englanders do arrive and begin to show them their ways Tik Tok asks for her help with the tribe but leaves the matter when he see's that Tiger lily doesn't really want to, reassuring her that he has faith the village will right itself in its own time. The biggest show of loyalty is Tinkerbell. The story is told through her POV which was unexpected, because of this we also learn about fairy lore and natures. Even though Tiger Lily doesn't talk to or acknowledge the fairy, Tink remains with her, following and looking out for her.
Telling this story via Tink was the smartest move, we see not only Tiger Lily but we see Peter and the Lost boys in their den and learn so much more about the pirates. Who they once were and their true colours. This book is definitely worth a read, what it lacks in general plot Anderson makes up for it in originality.
Happy reading.