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.The Vile Village Book Review.

The Vile Village. Lemony Snicket - Lemony Snicket


It takes a village to raise a child, or three. With this motto in mind the village of VFD is the newest home to the Baudelaire orphans, a home filled with bizarre, not to mention ridiculous, rules and a counsel of elders who all wear crow hats. The town of VFD is home to nesting crows and their devotes, none of which actually want to raise the children. So the orphans are placed into the care of Hector the handyman, although useless when it comes to helping when it comes to the counsel he does care for the children and is even willing to look after Isadora and Duncan Quagmire if they find them. Hector is willing to spend any free time he and the children have to locating the kidnapped triplets.


Picking the town seemed like the fairly obvious choice to the Baudelaires as they still don't know what VFD means, for them it's a risk. It could answer so many questions but could also lead them straight into danger. Although the town turns out not to be as they had hoped soon poetic clues turn up and they can only be from one person.


This book once again follows the hunt for the Quagmires and the Baudelaires poor lives living with a new guardian. We are now at the half way point in the series and Snicket has been dropping more clues in regards to the bigger picture and the conspiracy that has led the Baudelaires down this journey. As always there are more questions that need to be answered, who's Beatrice?? What happened to her, what stopped her and Snicket from being together.


And most importantly, who is Jacques Snicket and why does he have that tattoo?? 

Happy reading.