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.Rapture Book Review.

Rapture  - Lauren Kate

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Series summery:

Lord knows I've had one heck of a journey with this book, but finally it's over!! Well I say over, I've still got to read Fallen in Love. Seriously why am I doing this to myself?! I really wish I read these on Kindle and saved myself some much needed book space. All I can say is thank the Lord my ex boyfriend bought me these and I didn't actually wasted my own money. I think more then anything it's my disappoint with this series that pains me the most, at the time when I found these they had a lot of good reviews. Thinking back this was probably due to the Twilight craze, when I look now I see reviews that truly reflects the series.

I tried.



So to the review. For me it was too little too late, sure the story picked up and things were finally starting to happen, but truly I didn't care about them, I was reading for the sake of reading and to find out how they would prevent Lucifer from changing history. And to be honest with everything that was happening, the race to get to the original fall site, having to remember that far back, Luce still digging further into her memories of who she truly is, what's the deal with Lucifer and hunting for lost relics it's kinda a let down of an ending. Don't get me wrong, everything is nicely wrapped up, thank God, and there are no loose ends. But it kinda felt anticlimactic. A bit like in the previous book, one minute she's with Lucifer and is apparently in danger the next she's with Daniel and it's all dandy.


I felt like we were gearing for a battle when in reality it was more parliamental chit-chat. I feel like everything I had to endure with Twilight has just been relived. The first book has promise, the second and third are so irrelevant and the final book is actually good but it's like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.


All in all this book isn't enough the save the series, I think it missed that opportunity, but it is a good read, at least compared to the first three. The ending was good enough, but for me there was no fire and brimstone.

Happy reading :)


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