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.The Hostile Hosptial Book Review.

The Hostile Hospital. Lemony Snicket - Lemony Snicket

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We open with Baudelaire fleeing from an angry mob wanting to burn them at the stake, life for the orphans will never be smooth sailing. With nowhere safe to turn they head to a hospital after another encounter with the letters V.F.D.


After being assigned work in the Library of Records there's a chance luck could be on their side, especially when co-worker Hal says he recognises them, and not from the lies printed about them in the newspaper but from the many documents he sorts and files. At last it looks like they may finally get some answers, their biggest problem, Hal has the keys and their not allowed to read the documents they sort. Not to mention complicated filing system.


As Violet, Klaus and Sunny pursue their quest for answers they have to grow up fast, and part of that is doing some things they don't want to. In order to get some answers they'll have to steal Hal's keys and steal the file their after, but with Count Olaf hot on their heels a race to find the missing file.


Much to my enjoyment there was more to the story than them searching for the file, the hospitals new head of human resources, Matthias, is planning a spectacular surgery that everyone will want to witness. A lobotomy.

Happy reading.