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.Fallen in Love Book Review.

Fallen in Love: A Fallen Novel in Stories - Lauren Kate

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This without a shadow of doubt has to be one of the hardest book series I’ve ever had to sit through, other than Twilight, so it came as a real shock when I discovered that this book was actually okay!! I had some time off at the start of May and wanted to sit and read a book for a whole day as I don’t get to do that anymore, I picked this as it was fairly short and I just wanted to get it over with.


The first blurb I ever read about this novella gave a completely different impression of the story to the one I read, I was under the impression it was going to be four different love stories and one of them was going to be about Luce and Daniel, to my surprise and enjoyment they were four stories happening at the same time and place, about characters we already know and came together quite nicely.


This book takes place after the third, our first story sets us up with Shelby and Miles arriving in medieval England by mistake at the start of the St Valentine festival after departing from their encounter with Daniel in Jerusalem during Passion. There they meet Lucinda of the time and decide to give her a day to remember. Our second story is about Roland of our present time, still on his search for Daniel reminiscing about his own life in that era and the love and the mistakes he made.


The third story, and possibly my favourite, and is the only story that takes place historically at that time. This chapter follows Medieval Arriane and her forbidden love with another angel who sided with Lucifer. The finale story is about Lucinda and Daniel as the other three intertwine. As much as I really enjoyed this book the choice of having present day Luce part of this really ruined it, for me it would have been far better if the story had stuck with the Daniel and Lucinda of that era.


I was extremely surprised at how much I liked this book considering that all four book of the series failed to draw me into their love story. In this we get to spend more time with their friends who were basically background characters, getting to read about Roland and Arriane let me see who they are and how they too have struggled with their own great loves whether angel or human.
Happy Reading.