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.The End Book Review.

The End. by Lemony Snicket - Lemony Snicket

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Finally we have come to the end of the woeful tale that is the Baudelaire orphans. I feel you'll either really like this book or you won't, as to some it might feel like you don't really get an ending you want. To me there only could have been two endings, a middle ground where things are okay enough for them but they've survived it all or things went dramatically south. There could never have been a happily ever after where these children are concerned, they've been through too much and faced some pretty crappy odds, I could never be satisfied with this book ending with everything being perfect just because it's a children's book. It wouldn't fit these stories and it would be a real slap in the face to young readers.


Again Snicket never dumbs things down just because it's aimed at young readers, this series teaches a lot of things to children and most importantly sometimes you have to do something against your morals for the greater good.


In this final book the orphans find themselves on an island far from VFD and villains and with people who aren't willing to put up with Olaf, which is rather amusing. Could the children finally have found a safe haven?? Could they have found somewhere where VFD and the treachery of the world can't reach them??


Although not as fun as the first few and the repetitive style, the 13th book still can't help but get you invested and continue the need answers, and this is where this series is such a winner. It keeps you going book after book. Still the one thing I feel was missing was the time frame this all took place, I know it's all happening very quick but for me I would have liked it. This series goes to show that childrens books aren't just for children.

Happy reading.