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.Witches of the East Book Review.

Witches of the East. by Melissa de La Cruz (Witches of East End 1) - Melissa de la Cruz

This series has been on my list for so long, and before I read them they got turned into a TV series on Lifetime, annoyingly it got cancelled. It was one of the few shows about witches and had some fun. Although I knew it wouldn't be the same I was still looking forward to reading the series. The book centres around the Beauchamps, Joanna, Ingrid and Freya banned from using their magic. The story focuses on the three witches slowly breaking the rules and the odd goings on in their town. Surely a little magic can't hurt??


Once the ladies begin to practise their magic things start to happen. Weirdly enough this is almost a sub plot, the main plot of this book is the woman themselves. The chapters alternate between the three. Freya is the youngest of the sisters and far more wild, working in the local bar she begins to whip up a special menu  offering love potions which have an instant effect. Freya radiates warmth and a good time, hard to believe she's about to settle down and get married. But when you've found the one you've found the one, right??


Ingrid is practically a middle aged woman, and she knows that's how she comes across. You want her to embrace just a tiny bit of Freya into her life, throw caution to the wind and let her hair down. Literally. Ingrid does come to life when she starts practising magic during her lunchtime, helping out the locals in need of a bit of help. Ingrid can't help but take herself so seriously, she avoids any real 'normal' life. She has few friends and no love life. She has accepted her life as an immortal living among man and throws herself into her work rather than truly living.


Finally, Joanna. Her girls have grown and don't really need her anymore, they spend so much of their lives at work that the three of them are rarely in the house together, Ingrid at the library during the day and Freya at the bar at night. But when she gets to the indulge little Tyler and share her magic with him her heart is fit to burst.


But maybe they got careless with there magic. Maybe Freya mixed too many of one ingredient in her potion or Ingrid tied one of her knots wrong? With a disappearance and a suicide it sure looks like the girls may have done something wrong. The downside to this book is that you don't get to learn much about their background and how they come to be stuck on Midgard. The only obvious thing is that their history is to do with Norse mythology. Not very much really happens in this book, but it does give off the vibe that there is something more to come. In general it's an okay first book, but things don't really pick up till near the end.